Envinn innovation consultant firm was started in 2017.

The business idea is to re-use experiences and best practice from research and development in the technology industry for green and sustainable development projects . 

Envinn offers consultancy for system and business development:

  • Innovation and new products / concepts
  • System development
  • Modeling &  simulation
Preferred work methods:
  • Lightweight project methods, change management
  • Lean and agile methods

Sectors where we have special knowledge :

  • Energy production and energy efficiency
  • Development in the green sector
  • Digitization & development environments
Important tasks during development include analyze of usage, safety, security, performance and energy of the system in its life cycle. Lightweight methods can be used, for example practical problem solving , or more advanced methods such as modeling & simulation and/or experiments & test .

Models are important for decision support during the development of products and services.